“Scent the most powerful memory trigger. It can take you back to travels, destinations and special places from your past, or it could be with you when you create new adventures, or maybe it just has the power to allow your imagination to escape to certain destinations you are dreaming about.” 

This was the campaign message of for the Avon Far Away range.The same exotic fragrances in a newer and sophisticated bottle. I had a lot of fun with this campaign, especially because the campaign was centeredaround travelling and exploring destinations far away and travelling is like second nature to me. I have always dreamed of travelling the world and it has been a pleasure to be able to explore the unknown and through that, I was able to execute the message perfectly through my pictures.

The Avon Far Away range consists of three different scents. Far Away Original, Far Away Infinity and Far Away Gold, they all share one common ingredient , Madagascan vanilla. I love the fact that each fragrance has its unique and distinct ingredients but one can easily pick up the common dreamy sweet smell of the vanilla. Not only is the range affordable (currently R239 each) , but being an Eau De Parfum they are also long wearing and the new bottle is the perfect size for you to slip into your clutch for that quick touch up when you may feel the need.

The first time I tried Far Away Original, the first destination which came to mind, was Santorini in Greece. Like many other places, this is one place I would love to see and this fragrance had me daydreaming about asummer vacation there. The Avon Far Away Original is a great scent and is an amalgamation of spiced amber and creamy woody notes. It is the perfect scent for a coastal holiday, with beautiful scenery. It is light and fresh with a warm hint of sweetness, almost like what spring would smell like if you could put it in a bottle. This specific fragrance is a must have this summer and a definite for that summer vacation to the south of Europe! Out of the three, I would definitely rate this one as my second favourite and give it a strong 8/10.


The Far Away Infinity was my favourite out of the three. I could not get enough of it, purely because the smell was just so mesmerising. As someone who suffers from migraines and sinus, it is very important that I find a fragrance which won’t trigger my sinuses or headaches and that is why I was more drawn to this one. It is refreshing, pure, light and long wearing. It is relaxing but intense at the same time and is a floral scent with hints of Indian jasmine and marigold with a touch of vanilla. This is the type of scent you would wear when you are gathering your thoughts after an unwinding spa treatment, whilst reading a book in the middle of a tropical destination like Bali or Thailand. This scent is quite versatile, as you could also wear this one on a fun night out to a cocktail party or a boozy brunch on a Saturday morning in the Mother City. I would definitely rate this one 9/10.

From this range, The Far Away Gold is a very bold and daring scent. It stands out from the others because its smell is quite personal. If you were to buy this specific one as a gift for a lady, I would suggest that you buy it for someone who is more mature and glamorous, simply because it can get a bit overpowering if you are into the more light and freshfloral types of fragrances. The Far Away Gold fragrance is a fusion of opulent Moheli ylang, Jasmine and vanilla. I enjoyed this fragrance, especially because it gave me that golden hour/African sunset kind of feel but also that warm European summer vibe. It is also quite versatile but more for an inland occasion. I would not say that it is my least favourite, because I enjoyed the warmth that the fragrance gives off and the fact that it is different from the others, yet still very similar. I will rate it a strong 7/10.

I would highly recommend this range to anyone who is looking for the perfect an inexpensive, yet long wearing fragrance.

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